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  • Robert S. Sears, D.D.S. | Herndon, VA
Pediatric Dentist Robert Sears, DDS | Herndon, VA

Welcome to Robert S. Sears, D.D.S. in Herndon, VA

At our pediatric and orthodontics practice we offer gentle, compassionate care for our young patients. We provide your child state-of-the-art treatment in an environment that is both safe and fun. As specialists in pediatric dentistry, we are committed to making a difference in children’s lives by educating families and creating relationships that last a lifetime.

Pediatric Dentistry | Robert Sears, DDS | Herndon, VA

Pediatric Dentistry

We provide specialized dentistry for infants, toddlers, children, teens, and those with special needs. From regular cleanings and preventative care to restorations and emergency care, our dental team is always available to tend to your child’s unique needs. Learn more about all of the children's dental services that we offer.

Orthodontics | Robert Sears, DDS | Herndon, VA


At the office of Dr. Robert S. Sears everyone can benefit from an orthodontic exam. It is highly recommended that your children receive an orthodontic consultation by the age of 7. When teeth are crooked, crowded or misaligned, orthodontic treatment is used to achieve an occlusion, or perfect bite.